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Poshan Yukt Vish Mukt Satvik Food

Nutrition-Based Food : The basis of all Human Health and also the well-being of the ecosystem - Food. Which is why enhancing the food we consume with essential nutrients is the need of the hour! 

Poison-Free Food : The produce from fields which makes it's way to our plate is heavily compromised with harmful chemicals in today's world. Which is why our main objective is to enable farmers to grow Poison-Free yields!

Satvik Food : It is a proven fact since the agricultural practices of ancient India that positive vibes are capable of enhancing the quality and contents of the Crop, Food and ultimately nurtures our body and mind accordingly. Consuming Satvik Food is beneficial to us humans both individually and also on the community level!

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Geolife Has Performed Trials All Over The Country With Top & Reputed Universities Of India To Check The Efficacy Of The Products

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Geolife is a fast growing group of an ambitious multi-activity business and an excellent track record of its growth in India. This energetic group is led by qualified professionals with a vision to touch the horizon in every field of our business interest.

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