Microbial Extract Technology

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Microbial Extract Technology :- 

The primary step of this technology involves isolation of unique strains of microbes from different habitats. The microbes are allowed to grow in a special medium which acts as their feed to complete its growth cycle. Then through a series of complex processes the metabolites (enzymes, amino acids) are extracted from the microbes which is then later used to develop different products.

Enzymes from Microbes:-

Enzymes are considered as a potential biocatalyst for a large number of reactions. Particularly, the microbial enzymes have widespread uses. The microbial enzymes are also more active and stable than plant and animal enzymes. In addition, the microorganisms represent an alternative source of enzymes because they can be cultured in large quantities in a short period of time by fermentation due to their biochemical diversity. Different strains of microbe have capability to release larger quantities of such enzymes.

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