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  1. Plant protection section: Field as well as in-vitro trials of various insecticide and fungicide is conducted in this section. Pest and disease incidence of crops varies according to crop as well as growing season. Therefore, for targeting many pests and diseases based on particular season, we grow different types of crops like, Tomato, Chilli, Brinjal, Cucumber, Bitter gourd, Soybean, Dolichos bean, Cow pea, Okra, Red gram, Cluster bean, Chickpea, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Onion, Radish, Potato, Cotton, Paddy, Maize, Sugarcane, Banana and Papaya, etc. There is an infected plot for all kinds of pest and diseases where we do trials of our new products of plant protection section like fungicides and insecticides based on standard protocol. We also do artificial inoculation to test products for pests or diseases that are not naturally occurring.

    1. Field evaluation of insecticide: Field evaluation of insecticide in comparison with standard check and control is performed by using standard testing protocol of particular pest. Trials are performed in replications and observations on actual pest population are recorded from randomly selected 5 plants of each replication at specific intervals.
    2. In vitro evaluation of insecticide: in vitro testing of insecticide is performed for primary evaluation of various insecticides through bio-assay techniques. Insects are exposed directly and indirectly in various types of insecticides by providing artificial diet.
    3. Field evaluation of pheromone: Trials of different formulations of semio-chemicals/pheromones based on pest species are performed in this section. Trials are undertaken for monitoring population and mass-trapping of various pests. Durability of pheromone lure for particular species of pest is checked based on number of flies/ moths attracted for a particular interval after installation.
    4. Field evaluation of Fungicide, Bactericide, Virucide: Trials of various diseases caused by Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses are performed in comparison with standard and control. For evaluation of fungicides and bactericide, trials are conducted in replications and observations on disease intensity are recorded from randomly selected plants of each replication at the specific intervals for particular disease. Percent disease control is analyzed by adopting rating scale for disease intensity. In case of virucide, disease incidence are recorded from selected plot.
  2. Pot culture trials section: Here we do pot culture trials of various products on flowers and vegetables in shade-net house as well as in open field conditions for achieving faster results in a short period of time in a very small area. It is helpful for primary evaluation of product performance with different doses. Pot culture also helps to observe root growth of the crop without damaging roots.
  3. Nutrient efficacy trials: Trials of different nutritional products are conducted by foliar application and fertigation.

    1. Foliar nutrient trials section: In this section trials of foliar nutritional products, plant growth promoters/regulators on different leafy vegetable crops like fenugreek, spinach, cabbage, coriander etc. are conducted. As leafy vegetables are short duration crops the results obtained are quicker. Also, foliar nutrient plays a significant role in vegetative growth of the crop. Observations on numbers of leaves, root length and shoot growth are recorded in these trials.
    2. Fertigation trials section: This is major section of our research farm trials. Here, we have well established fertigation system for different crops like tomato, chilli, capsicum, cucumber, potato, watermelon, sugarcane, papaya and banana. Here, we conduct trials for comparative analysis of different kind of water soluble fertilizers (WSF) on growth and yield parameters of the crop. Presently, we are checking performance of Low dose fertilizers, Low dose NPK’s with TE, Organic NPK in comparison with Standard check. In these trials only nutrient content and quantity of nutrients required are different but other parameters like, pest and disease management are remains same for all the treatments. All the required nutrients/ fertilizers are provided to the crop based on trial protocol through fertigation. All the morphological observations like, plant height, no of branches, flowers, flower drop, no of leaves etc. and yield parameters like, weight of fruit, no of fruits per plant, yield per plant, yield per plot etc are recorded from the tagged plants.
    3. Post harvest study: Post harvest study also been conducted for checking spoilage percentage and keeping quality of harvested fruits based on trial products. Fruit analysis has to be done for checking impact of products on nutritional value of fruits.
  4. Hydroponics trials section: Hydroponics is a method of growing of plants without soil by using mineral nutrients solution in water. Here plants are grown with the support of inert medium like gravel (Leca). Here we have established two systems one is Dutch Bucket system and other is NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) system. For dutch bucket system we grow tomato and capsicum while in NFT system leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, coriander etc are used.
  5. Multi-locational trials: After confirmation of product efficacy at Geolife Research Farm we do multi-locational trials of tested products on various crops in the farmer’s field. This is very essential criteria for checking performance of products at different locations with wide range of crops, soils and climatic conditions.
  6. Statistical analysis: All trials are performed by maintaining international standards with statistical design (Anova) for minimizing degree of error. Data generated on growth and yield parameters of crop, based on particular trial, is subjected for further statistical analysis and preparation of final report of the trial.

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