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Why Geolife Research Farm Facilities ?

Nutrition To Farm, Nourishment To People

Let us discuss more on what facilities are available on our research farm!

  1. Efficacy trial Services: Geolife Research farm provide trial services for other organizations as well. We have facilities to perform efficient trials following scientific protocols. We can develop plots for specific product testing on selected crops for domestic and International clients. The reports that are generated are as per international standards and are well tabulated. Our clients are allowed to visit their specific plots, provide inputs, check on the progress of the trials and ultimately be satisfied with the result. We have further elaborated on the list of activities that we do:-
    1. We provide facility for testing all types of agriculture inputs (nutrients, biologicals, chemicals, Control Release Fertilizers (CRM), water soluble fertilizers, organics, hydroponics etc.) for national & international clients.
    2. Apart from our research facility, we also conduct multi locational trials (on farmers field) to check product performance at different climatic & soil conditions with various products like nutritional, bio-stimulants, plant growth promoters, water soluble fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, bio-fertilizers, bio-fungicides, bio-pesticides, etc. To collect seasonal & year round data.
  2. Technical training services: We arrange technical training sessions on efficient nutrient management, IPM, efficient irrigation management, seedling management, hydroponics etc. for farmers, dealers, Agri company team, Agri. College students, etc.

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