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Ayurveda for Agriculture :-

Ayurveda also known as ‘science of life’ was theorized thousand years back in Indian and is practiced up to this day. Various measures for nutrition, prevention of diseases, diagnosis and treatment has been also visualized in this science.Thus it is a part of amazingly futuristic one health framework (Combining plant, animal and human health) of ancient Indian health sciences has been established many centuries ago.

Geolife and Ayurveda :-

A resurgence of interest in Ayurveda and other traditional systems of medicine has resulted from the preference of health seekers towards holistic approach and products of natural origin. Geolife has traveled back in time to and a natural solution from the science of Ayurveda and has identified the mode of action of different rare, indigenous, beneficial herbs after extensive research for several years. Each of these plants have its own unique characteristics and utility. They are eligible for human consumption and used widely in pharmaceuticals to combat various diseases in humans. This ability led Geolife to explore, study, analyze more about these underexploited Indian herbs, which could aid to fight plant diseases.

Botanical Extract Technology  :-

So, Geolife developed different formulations using this Botanical Extract Consortium and did extensive in house and field trials to prove the products efficacy. These products have shown excellent result in several field trials across different climatic zones. It became a proven fact that it can be used as both preventive and curative measure against various diseases.

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