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Topiwala - control, Best suited for white grub control - Geolife

Imidacloprid 40% + Fipronil 40% WG (80 WG)


Double mode of action insecticide works both systemic and contact. It is controlled of white grubs in sugarcane.

  • It has shown demonstrable plant growth enhancement effect which will lead to higher yield.

  • Comparatively safer to the beneficial insects & suitable for IPM.

  • FIPRONIL interferes in nerve impulse transmission by blocking Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA)-gated chloride channels in the central nervous system This hyper excitation of insects' nerves and muscles leads severe paralysis and death of the insect. 

  • IMIDACLOPRID It disturbs nerve transmission system thereby savoir paralysis and finally to the death of the treated insect

In Which Crop I Can Use It ? 

All crops (vegetables, Flowers, cereals, pulses, fruits, spices)

On Which Crop Stage It Can Be Applied ?

Vegetative, Flowering and Fruiting stage 

What Are The Dosage ?

175-200 gm/Acre

Which Application It Can Go With ?

Foliar application

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