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State : Telangana                                                          State : Telangana
                                                                                               Farmer name          : G.Prakash
                   Farmer name       : V. Raghav Reddy
                   Address           :  Enkoor,                                                Address              :  Village- Shetty Atmakur,
                                        Dist- Khammam,                                                                 Gadwal Mandal,
                                                                                                                       Dist- Mahabubnagar
                   Crop              :  Chili                                                  Crop                 :  Paddy, Cotton
                   Acreage           : 8 acre                                                  Acreage              : 13 acre

                   Geolife Products Used   : Foundation Vigore, Nano Vigore, Balance nano
                                                                                               Geolife Products Used   :  Vigore, Balance Nano
                   I am happy with the product result, Vigore is very good product, Nano Vigore and
                   Balance nano have given good results in flowering stage, produce more flowers and   I used Vigore and Balance Nano products for both of the crops, Results are very fast and
                   fruit.                                                                      effective, crop became greener and gave good growth. I got 3 bags extra yield / acre.

                   Farmer name       : G.Prasad Rao                                            Farmer Name        : Godugu Srinivasu
                   Address           :  Village- Pansai Camp,                                  Address            : Village-Thirumalapur,
                                        Tripuraram Mandal,
                                                                                                                     Chityal Mandal,
                                        Dist- Nalgonda
                                                                                                                     Dist- West godavari
                                                                                               Crop               :  Cotton
                   Crop              :  Paddy
                   Acreage           : 10 acre                                                 Acreage            :  6 acre
                                                                                               Geolife Products Used   :  Vigore, Foundation, Balance Nano
                   Geolife Products Used   :  Vigore, Tabsil
                                                                                               I applied Foundation in basal dose and Vigore after 20 days, plants were very healthy,
                   I used Vigore and Tabsil products for my paddy crop. They have given very good
                                                                                               results were very quick and clearly visible. Balance Nano provides nutrients and give
                   results. Tabsil has performed very well; it has reduced the amount of pest and disease
                   incidence. I got 4 bags extra yield / acre.                                 greenish colour very fast. Yield quality is also high.

                91                                                                                                                                      92
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