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State - Madhya Pradesh                                                      State - Madhya Pradesh

                                                                                               Farmer name          : Tirat Chavan
                   Farmer name          : Lalit patel
                                                                                               Address              :  Borash, Madhya Pradesh
                   Address              : Village- Cotpar, Tal- Bareli,                        Crop                 :  Wheat
                                            Dist- Raisen
                                                                                               Acreage              : 20 acre
                   Crop                 :  Wheat                                               Geolife Products Used   : Foundation, Vigore,
                                                                                                                      Tabsil, Nano Vigore,
                   Geolife Products Used       :  Foundation, Vigore, Tabsil,
                                                                                                                      Balance Nano.
                                              Nano Vigore,  Balance Nano.
                                                                                               I use Foundation, Vigore, Tabsil, Balance nano & Nano Vigore for my Wheat crop at
                                                                                               different stages of the crop. I am very much satisfied with the product results. I have
                   I have used Geolife High Yield Package for my wheat crop, it contains Foundation, Vigore,
                                                                                               harvested 218 quintals of wheat from 20 acres of crop.
                   Nano Balance, Tabsil, Nano Vigore. I have balanced the use of fertilizer in the plot; even
                   then I got more yield than normal plots. I was very happy with the results and shared my
                   experience with all the farmers.

                                                                                               Farmer name          : Niramal Sat
                   Farmer name          : Charan Singh
                                                                                               Address              :  Tal- Budhani,
                                          S/o Narayan Singh Thakur
                                                                                                                       Dist- Sehore
                   Address              :  Visana Khedi, Dist- Damoha
                                                                                               Crop                 :  Wheat
                   Crop                 :  Bengal gram
                                                                                               Acreage              : 20 acre
                   Acreage              :  20 acre                                             Geolife Products Used   : Foundation, Vigore,
                   Geolife Products Used       :  Vigore, Tabsil, Nano Vigore,                                        Nano Vigore, Balance Nano.
                                                Balance Nano.                                  Opinion:
                                                                                               The Paddy plot in which we used Geolife products (Foundation, Vigore, Balance nano &
                   Opinion:                                                                    Nano Vigore) was very healthy, with more number of tillers, more panicle length, grain
                   I have used Vigore + Tabsil at vegetative growth of Bengal gram crop; results were very   quality was good than the other plots where the products were not used.  Yield of Paddy
                   good there was increase in plant height, number of branches. At flowering stage of the   was 15 q/ 1 acre.
                   crop I have sprayed Nano Vigore + Balance Nano; there was a visible difference in
                   number of flowers. Crop yield has been increased by 3 quintals as compared to last

                85                                                                                                                                      86
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