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State : Andhra Pradesh                                                     State : Andhra Pradesh

                   Farmer name       : Kotani Apparao                                          Farmer name        : Pathuri Sheshagiri Rao
                                       S/O Ganeshwar rao                                                             S/O Seethaiah
                   Address           : 1-26, Near Durga Temple,                         Address             :  Village- Chandralapadu
                                      Jagannadhagerd, Kajuluru Mandal,                                                Chandralapadu Mandal,
                                      Dist- East Godavari                                                             Dist- Krishna
                   Crop              : Paddy                                                   Crop                :  Paddy
                   Acreage           : 10 acre                                                 Acreage             : 14 acre
                   Geolife Products Used    : Vigore, Tabsil.
                   Results           : Yield increased – 3-4 bags                              Geolife Products Used   :  Vigore
                   I have applied Vigore at early stage of the crop, I have observed more root, more tillers.   Opinion:
                   Tabsil has improved leaf stiffness, plants resistance was improved and Disease incidence   I have applied Vigore as top dressing, clear difference was observed in root and shoot of
                                                                                               the  plants,  Vigore  increased  the  number  of  white  roots  and  tillers.  At
                   was observe less.
                                                                                               harvesting there was a clear difference in yield, 2 bags of yield was increased with single
                                                                                               application of Vigore.

                   Farmer name       : Burada Kuberudu                                         Farmer name         : Mulakala Palli Mohan Babu
                                       S/O Tumbura Nadham                                      Address             : Village- Thota Ravullapadu,
                   Address           : 4-103, Near Kanaka Durga                                              Chandarlapadu Mandal,
                                        Temple, Burri lanka,                                                        Dist- Krishna
                                        Kadiyam mandal,                                        Crop                :  Chili
                                        Dist- East Godavari                                    Acreage             : 4 acre
                   Crop              :  Nursery Cultivation Acreage: 10 acre
                                                                                               Geolife Products Used   :  Vigore
                   Geolife Products Used   :  Tabsil , Nano Vigore , Balance nano
                                                                                               I applied Vigore for chili crop, it is an excellent product, it is effective in increasing the
                                                                                               growth of the plant, increase leaves, branches; I have got 2 quintals more yield than the
                   I have applied these products for flowering purpose in nursery plantations. They are
                                                                                               normal crop.
                   result oriented products, increased flowering and branches.

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