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State - Karnataka                                                        State – Uttarakhand

                   Farmer name          : Y.Prabhakar                                           Farmer name      : Arjun Kumar Sana
                                                       S/o Y.Ramakrishna                                         S/o Thakur Das Sana
                   Address              : 7  mile camp,  Tal- Sendur,
                                                                                               Address         : Village- Radhakantpur
                                          Dist- Bellary
                   Crop                 : Paddy                                                                   Post- Dineshpur,
                   Acreage              : 50 acres                                                                Dist- Udham Singh Nagar,
                   Geolife products Used    : Foundation, Vigore, Tabsil,
                                                                                               Crop            :  Paddy and Wheat
                                          Nano Vigore, Balance Nano

                   Results :                                                                   Geolife Products Used   :  Vigore, Tabsil,  Balance Nano, Nano Vigore,
                   Yield obtained in Geolife products used plots – 26 - 30 q                                         Change, Sanskar, Geomycin
                   Control plot yield (without Geolife products) – 20-24 q

                   Yield increased – 6-10 q
                                                                                               Opinion :
                   Opinion:                                                                    I have used Geolife Products for my paddy crop in Kharif and Wheat in rabi season. Vigore,
                   From last 3 year I have been using Geolife Agritech products, they have been giving very
                                                                                               Tabsil, Balance nano, Change, Sanskar, Geomycin. These products give very good results.
                   good results. I have been harvesting very good yields of 45-50 bags (75 kgs) of paddy. I
                   apply all the high yielding products of Geolife and I am very much satisfied with the   Have seen very good yield increase in both paddy and wheat crops. There is a yield
                   results. I receive time to time suggestions from Geolife staff and I would suggest other   increase of 25% - 30%. I am very much satisfied with the company's products.
                   farmers to use Geolife products.

                   Farmer name          : Dilyappa
                                                                                               Name             : Dev Prasad Vishwas
                                          S/o Niggappa
                                                                                                                   S/o Kiran Vishwas
                   Address              : Village- Belimallur,
                                          Tal- Honnalli,
                                                                                               Address          :  Village- Vijay Nagar,
                                          Dist- Davanagere
                                                                                                                   Post- Dineshpur,
                   Crop                 : Tomato & Cucumber                                                         Dist- Udham Singh Nagar
                   Acreage              : 5 acres
                   Geolife Products Used   : Foundation, Vigore, Tabsil, Nano Vigore,          Crop             :  Paddy and Wheat
                                          Balance Nano, No-Virus.
                   Opinion:                                                                    Geolife Products Used   :   Vigore, Tabsil, Change, Sanskar, Geomycin
                   I am farming for the last 8 years & I use all companies' products like Bayer, Indofil, Dupont
                   etc. I was not satisfied with any of results this time, then Geolife FA came to me and
                   explained me about the products but I neglected him in the beginning so he  went back.   Opinion :
                   Then after one week he again came to my field and explained me about foundation, so I   I have used Vigore, Tabsil, Change, Sanskar, Geomycin products of Geolife Agritech for my
                   thought of giving a chance and used Foundation 5Kg / acre as soil application. Then I went   paddy and wheat cultivation. They are very good products and given excellent results in
                   to my field after 4 days, there was no change in crop. I called the staff about it , he told me   the both the crop. The have helped me to increase the crop yield. So I would recommend
                   to wait for some time and see the results . So after 15 days I went to the field to see the   these products to other farmers.
                   crop,  the  crop  was  totally  changed  plants  have  attained  a  good  growth  with  more
                83                                                                                                                                      84
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