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State : Bihar                                                         State : Maharashtra

                   Farmer name       : Ramashish pasvan                                        Farmer name      : Kakad Sandip Shivaji
                                       S/o Rani pasvan                                         Address          :  Post- Pimparne,  Tal- Sangamner,
                   Address           :  Aasha Nagar, Sohasaray,                                                    Dist- Ahmednagar
                                        Dist- Nalanda                                          Crop             :  Pomegranate
                   Crop              :  Cauliflower                                            Variety          : Bhagava
                   Acreage           :  2 acre                                                 Acreage          : 12 acre
                   Geolife products Used   :  Foundation, Vigore, Tabsil,
                                                                                               Geolife products Used    : Vigore, Balance Nano, Nano Vigore,
                                       Nano Balance, Nano Vigore, Natural CAB and
                                                                                                                      Natural CAB and Root Spa.
                                       Vigore Fruit Size Enhancer.
                                                                                               Results: 30 % increase in Yield
                   Opinion:                                                                    Geolife  products  are  giving  very  good  results,  Vigore  works  well  for  White  root
                   I applied foundation at basal application for root growth, sprayed Vigore and Balance
                                                                                               development, Nano Vigore gives more flowers, Balance Nano with Nano Vigore is the
                   Nano at vegetative growth, Nano Vigore and Balance Nano at flowering stage, Natural   best  combination  for  flowering  stages  more  flowers  with  less  flower  drop  can  be
                   CAB & Vigore Fruit Size Enhancer. In fruiting stage results are clearly observed. It has   observed Natural CAB is best for fruit stage. Root spa is excellent for nematode control. I
                   shown a clear difference in root growth, greenish shoot growth and yield.   am very much satisfied with the products and also suggesting to other farmer.

                                                                                               Farmer name      : Kadane Sunil
                   Farmer name       :  Amarnath Prasad
                                                                                               Address          : Post- Chandanpuri,
                                        S/o Loknath Prasad
                                                                                                                  Tal- Sangamner,
                   Address           :  Sohadiha, Dist- Nalanda
                                                                                                                  Dist-  Ahmednagar
                   Crop              :  Cauliflower
                                                                                               Crop             :  Pomegranate
                   Acreage           :  1 acre
                                                                                               Variety          : Bhagava & Arakta
                                                                                               Acreage          : 2.5 acre
                   Geolife products Used   :  Foundation, Vigore, Tabsil,
                                                                                               Geolife products Used    : Vigore, Balance Nano, Nano Vigore, Natural CAB &
                                       Nano Balance, Nano Vigore,
                                                                                                                     Root Spa
                                       Natural CAB and Vigore Fruit Size Enhancer
                                                                                               Results: 15-20 % increase in Yield
                   Results & Opinion   :
                   Geolife products give clear difference in crops, I got confidence on products after seeing
                                                                                               I am using Geolife's products at different stages of pomegranate crop. For better root
                   the results at every stages. I am very happy with the results and would recommend the
                                                                                               growth and branching – Vigore is applied, for increasing flowering - Nano Vigore and
                   products to other farmers.
                                                                                               Balance Nano is excellent combination, Natural CAB should be repeatedly applied at fruit
                                                                                               growth. Now a days nematode damage has increased, Roots Spa is giving very good
                                                                                               results in controlling the damages and giving new root growth.

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