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State : Maharashtra
                                                                                                    GEOLIFE’S PRODUCTS RANGE
                   Farmer name    : Katore Balasaheb
                   Address        : Post- Sangavi, Tal- Sangamner,
                                    Dist- Ahmednagar
                   Crop           : Tomato
                   Variety        :  Ayushman
                   Acreage        : 1 acre
                                                                                                                                 USDA ORGANIC
                   Geolife Products Used:
                   Vigore, Tabsil, Balance Nano, Nano Vigore & Natural CAB.
                   Results: 20-25 % increase in Yield
                   I have applied Geolife high yield package products, Vigore is an excellent product of
                   Geolife  company,  I  am  using  it  at  early  stage  of  the  crop  for  root  growth,  plant
                   development, other nano products are good for flowering and fruiting stages of the crop.
                   Geolife's products give very fast results. I am very happy with the results.

                   Farmer name       : Katore Gulshan
                   Address           :  Post- Sangavi,
                                        Tal- Sangamner,
                                        Dist- Ahmednagar
                   Crop              :  Chili & Tomato
                   Variety           :  Sitara & Ayushman
                   Acreage           :  2 acre                                                             TM
                   Geolife products Used   :
                   Vigore, Balance Nano, Nano Vigore, Natural CAB.
                   Results: 25 % increase in Yield
                    Farmer Opinion:
                   Vigore is very good product, I apply it for both tomato and chili crop, it is an excellent
                   product  for  fast  growth  and  healthy  development,  Tabsil  silicon  is  new  product  the                           Emamectin Benzoate   5.00% w/w

                   technology  of  tablet  is  very  good.  It  is  giving  good  results.  Other  nano  technology
                   products are also giving good results. I am very much satisfied with company's products.   OHSAS
                                                                                                9001:                                 USDA
                                                                                                2015                                  ORGANIC
                99                                                                                                                                      100
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