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Water Soluble Fertilizers

Nano Fert (00:52:34)
Mono - Potassium Phosphate

Nano Fert (00:52:34) It is rich in water soluble Phosphorus and Potash. It's suitable for pre-bloom as well as post-bloom applications. The absence of nitrogen promotes more flowering than vegetation, increases C:N ratio. Popularly used for better flowering and attractive color formation.

  • Nano Fert (00:52:34) is the balance ratio of P and K which is soluble water soluble and Helps crops resist abiotic stress situations

  • Nano Fert (00:52:34) Suitable for pre-bloom as well as post-bloom applications.

  • Nano fert (00:52:34) used for proper ripening and attractive colour formation of rind in fruits

  • Nano fert (00:52:34) Improves lustre, colour uniformity and taste of the fruits.

  • Nano fert (00:52:34) is water soluble fertilizer can use in foliar, drip and drenching.

In Which Crop I Can Use It ? 

All crops(vegetables, Flowers, cereals, pulses, fruits, spices)

On Which Crop Stage It Can Be Applied ?

Pre Flowering Stage and Fruiting stage

What Are The Dosage ?

Foliar application: 1-2 gm/ Liter Water Fertigation- Apply 20% quantity of conventional WSF

Which Application It Can Go With ?

Drip irrigation/Drenching and Foliar application

Frequently Asked Questions?

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It can be used in Pre Flowering Stage and Fruiting stage.

Yes Combination of P and K which helps in flower setting by providing nutrients.

Yes, Nano Fert (00:52:34) can be spray along with fungicides and Insecticides which can give more better results in over all developments of plants.

Nano fert (00:52:34) Improves lustre, colour uniformity and taste of the fruits.

Yes Nano fert (00:52:34) can be used in multi picking crop in which it will improves the flower setting and fruits quality.

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