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High Performing Bio Fertilizer


Bactogang is a High performing Bio-fertilizer with exclusive Consortium Of Various Beneficial Bacteria. Which consist of Nitrogen Fixing bacteria, Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria, Potassium Solubilizing Bacteria. Promotes complete crop development. Bactogang is a Unique Formulation Containing Different Live Microbe Consortia & Microbial Extracts, Nitrogen- Fixing bacteria (Three Species )

  • Exclusive Consortium Of Various Beneficial Bacteria with Unique Microbial Extracts

  • To enhancing soil fertility by fixing nutrients, increases nutrient availability and water efficiency

  • Stimulate existing soil microbes which Enhances rooting and soil aeration

  • Improve soil aggregation, Texture, Enhances rooting and soil aeration

  • Recycle nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorous & Potassium which gives Vigorous crop growth and Increases microbial activity in soil which Increases microbial activity in soil

In Which Crop I Can Use It ? 

All crops(vegetables, Flowers, cereals, pulses, fruits, spices)

On Which Crop Stage It Can Be Applied ?

Vegetative Growth Stage

What Are The Dosage ?

500 ml / acre for 200 litres of water

Which Application It Can Go With ?

Drenching, Drip, With organic manure and With Jivamruta

Frequently Asked Questions?

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It Solubalize, fix and Mobilize the unavailable of N,P,K into available form of nutrients which enhancing soil fertility by fixing nutrients

Bactogang cannot be applied with pesticides as it consit of benefical bacteria, It can be applied with sand. organic manure and With Jivamruta

Yes moisture content is soil is much need at the time of application Bactogang, Benefical bacterial can be more viable in moisture content soil.

Bactogang consist of beneficial bacterial which helps in over all development of the crop as it improves soil fertility and increases nutrient availability.

Yes Bactogang is Organic FCO approved which can be used in organic product instead of Chemical fertilizer.

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