Soil Conditioners

Foundation - Multi Activity Soil Conditioner

Gives strength to the plant in stress and adverse condition. Helps in increasing plant’s immunity system and faster healing of injuries.

  • It is a unique combination of micronutrients, silicic acid & root growing enzymes.

  • 100% technical product with no fillers.

  • Supplies essential silica to plant And Promotes deep rooting with more number of primary, secondary and white roots along with vigorous root mass.

  • Helps plants to resist soil born fungal diseases and enhances photosynthesis activities.

  • Time of Application : In case of direct seed sowing crops, it should be applied at the time of first fertilizer application

  • Time of Application : In case of transplanted crops, it should be applied along with first top dressing fertilizer.

How To Use Foundation


All crops (vegetable, cereals, pulses, fruits )

Crop Stage

Vegetative stage


5-10 kg/acre


soil application.


Colocasia-Vigore -Bengali

Paddy -Vigore + Georrhiza -Tamil

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