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Innovative MET based Salt Minimizer

Innovative MET based Salt Minimizer

Salt Down  

Salt Down is Innovative Salt Minimizer. Salt Down containing special anionic group which reacts with metal ions and make inert molecules which avoid them to make contact with roots.

  • This product contains the blend of the organic acids which are secreted by beneficial microorganisms which actively acts against the salinity of the soil.

  • Salt down have high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and affinity to attach the various salt ions like Na+, Cd+ etc.

  • The anionic group of salt down makes bonding with Mineral ions and produce a spherical molecule.

  • This spherical molecule is non-reactive and inert which means, it will not react with any compound and also not get uptake in plant roots.

  • With the natural time frame water takes this molecule deep down into the soil. This results in the reduction of salinity in the top rhizospheric layer of soil.

In Which Crop I Can Use It ? 

All crops (vegetables, cereals, pulses, fruits )

On Which Crop Stage It Can Be Applied ?

Vegetative growth stage

What Are The Dosage ?

Soil Application and Prestigation :- 1-2 Kg/acre

Which Application It Can Go With ?

Soil Application and Prestigation

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